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LETTER: Aust Post CEO's million-dollar salary is concerning

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I understand Australia Post must make some cuts to survive but I am concerned the CEO earns more than $4 million.

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HerveyB - Pialba

It is ridiculous to think this man is getting such a huge salary when people are struggling to be able to pay for postage. As a result of the ever increasing cost of postage I have had to stop sending the much enjoyed calendars to relatives and friends...

Carlie Walker

Johnathan Thurston.

EDITORIAL: Conviction must tackle convenience

EDITORIAL: I regularly find that the minute I express an opinion, something will happen that will force me to confront that opinion.

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Vagabond - Hervey Bay Dc

Carlie, You should realise todays football players are the equivalent of gladiators, they do what the do for money/fame/freedom. There is no team loyalty, they will fight for who ever pays them the most. The message on their shirts is just that...

Mal Churchill

Bill Hoffman

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

OPINION: Narcissists and fit conscious sorted

SO WHAT are all big kids playing with after Christmas when it comes to their toys?

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Beleaf - City Delivery Centre

My little niece whom is 7 takes lovely selfies, some of her aunts from her mums side are teenagers, so she learns and copies, a few good things have come from this: 1. She has learnt to use a (mobile ph) camera so well that for her birthday I will...

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