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Coastal views section - A border collie frollicks in the shallows catching water flicked at it by its owner at Happy Valley, Caloundra.

OPINION: I’m being dogged by morons on beaches

THANK goodness I was carrying a gun that fateful day at the beach when I was attacked by six large dogs. Wasn't that lucky?

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chrisiseppi - Drinan

well the owner of the dogs needs to have them removed from his since he is not responsible, second you need to be flogged to take off like you did while the old lady needed help, you are a gutless male who thought of himself first then you had the...

Carlie Walker

Social media tells us what you think

EDITORIAL: The Chronicle’s Facebook page is about to hit an exciting milestone.

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Vagabond - Hervey Bay Dc

Carlie, While I think I understand where you are coming from, I seldom use Facebook, as I find most comments to be trite one liners. Worse, most comments are based on the days headlines, nothing more, next day the same people contradict...

Mal Churchill

Bill Hoffman

OPINION: Honesty lacking in campaign to date

THE Queensland election campaign has been smoke and mirrors, theatre, carefully scripted media opportunities, cliches and overworked adjectives.

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Pescadero - Coolum Beach

...all the parties were asked to commit to these principles: 1. Govern for the peace, welfare and good government of the state. 2. Make all decisions and take all actions, including public appointments, in the public interest without regard to...

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

OPINION: Narcissists and fit conscious sorted

SO WHAT are all big kids playing with after Christmas when it comes to their toys?

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Beleaf - City Delivery Centre

My little niece whom is 7 takes lovely selfies, some of her aunts from her mums side are teenagers, so she learns and copies, a few good things have come from this: 1. She has learnt to use a (mobile ph) camera so well that for her birthday I will...

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"Two Tone" are playing at The Bayswater Hotel Friday 23rd and 30th... more

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