Captain Chronny

Terms and Conditions: Fraser Coast Chronicle – Captain Chronnie

By becoming a member of Captain Chronnie, members agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Method of entry:  To become a member of Captain Chronnie, members must complete the Captain Chronnie membership form published in the Fraser Coast Chronicle; then

  • Send or deliver the member form to:
  • PO Box 217, Pialba, QLD 4655; or
  • Shop 2a, 7 Central Ave., Pialba Qld 4655.

2.   Birthday packs:

  • There is a small gift pack for each child celebrating a birthday each week of the year (gift pack may contain crayons, colouring in pencils, felt pens, colouring pages activity pages)
  • Each gift pack is valued at $5.00 each (inclusive of GST).

The Promoter takes no responsibility for any variation in item values.  Any taxes which may be payable as a consequence of a winner receiving the prize are the sole responsibility of that winner.  Gift Packs are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.  If the specified member gift pack becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, the Promoter may substitute a member gift pack of similar nature and/or like or greater value.

3.   Membership and eligibility limitations: Captain Chronnie is open to children aged 2 to 10 years of age. All members must have consent from a parent/legal guardian to become a member. The following persons are ineligible to enter:

(i) Employees of, or contractors to, the Promoter as far as they are directly associated with Captain Chronnie;

(ii) The spouse, de facto spouse, parent, natural or adopted child, and sibling (whether natural or adopted by a parent), of such employees and contractors (whether or not they live in the same household);

(iii) Members who have used or attempted to use any more than one name in order to qualify to win any contest run by the Promoter except in the case of a legal change of name.

All Contestants acknowledge that even if the Promoter only learns of a person’s ineligibility after the Promoter has appeared to grant membership to the ineligible person, it may require the return of the member gift or payment of its value to the Promoter to be dealt with as an unclaimed prize.

4. Notification and publication:  Member’s names for birthdays of each week will be listed on the Captain Chronnie page of the Fraser Coast Chronicle. Member gift packs will be supplied to the member following member validation and verification.  All members acknowledge that the Promoter has the right to publicise and publish his/her name, character and likeness.  All members must avail themselves for a photo if required by the Promoter and acknowledge that the Promoter has the right to utilise publicity photos in any reasonable manner it sees fit without compensation to the Contestant.

5. Membership gift pack collection:  Gift packs must be claimed in person unless member is otherwise advised and Government issued Photo ID and membership details are required.  It is the sole responsibility of The Chronnie member to claim their pack.   

6. Promoter's limitation of liability:  The Promoter is not responsible for the loss of prizes due to incorrect or imprecise delivery details provided by a winner.  The Promoter also takes no responsibility for prizes lost or stolen after they have been released for delivery via postage or courier.  The Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality/suitability/merchantability of any of the goods/services offered as part of membership.  To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not liable for any loss suffered or sustained by any person and including, but not limited to consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promoter, or its servants or agents, in connection with the arrangement for supply, or the supply, of any goods or services by any person to the members and, where applicable, to any persons accompanying The Captain Chronnie member.

7. Membership and privacy:  All entries become and remain the property of the Promoter and its related parties, subject to the limits contained in the Privacy Statement and as set out in these terms and conditions. The Promoter and its related parties, also collect personal information in order to conduct the Promotion and may use and disclose such information in accordance with its privacy policy, including to sending ongoing information and promotional material about opportunities, services and products (relating to our business or a third party business) in which the Promoter believes you may be interested. To facilitate your participation, the Promoter may disclose your personal information to other companies associated with this promotion.

Promoter: Maryborough Hervey Bay Newspaper Co. Pty Ltd.      ACN: 009 656 768