Life is beachy on the Sunshine Coast

Life is beachy on the Sunshine Coast

The best way to end a day is to watch the sky change

Spirit of Christmas will bring peace to the world

Give the gift of peace and love

Jesus' profound mission was to make plain our divine nature

Pop-Up Art Shop a first for the Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast Artist Karen M. Andersen at work in her studio

Artists will have a wide variety of artwork available to purchase

Release your inner child

Release your inner child

My inner child misses the practical jokes, goofiness and innocence

YOUR SAY: Bitcoin bubble ready to burst

Fair value of Bitcoin is around 99 per cent below its current value

Shovelnose rays on Urangan pier

1.22m whitespot shovelnose ray

Shovelnose rays on Urangan pier

NDIS leaving Mackay residents 'worse off'

A lot of plans are being made despite the clients lacking the capacity to understand what is going on

$5b social service cut lifts budget

The final budget deficit for the 2016-17 financial year was $33.2 billion, down more than $4 billion from the $37.6 billion outlined in the May budget

Why the NDIS should matter to all Fraser Coast locals

IS THE NDIS TOO COMPLEX? Experts fear thousands of regional residents will miss out on disability funds because they don't understand how $22b scheme works

AutoWed: coin-operated wedding machine

Press 1 for heterosexual, 2 for gay, and 3 for a lesbian marriage. And if you wish...

YOUR PHOTOS: Pets having a play on the Fraser Coast

Simba enjoying a swim

Our Facebook community share photos of their pets having a play on the Fraser...

YOUR PHOTOS: Playful pets on the Fraser Coast

Levi shaking off after having a play with the garden hose.

Our Facebook community has shared their playful pets from across the Fraser Coast.

YOUR PHOTOS: Loved pets and animals

Donna Allan - Timothy, the greyhound.

Readers shared photos of their beloved pets and animals on the Fraser Coast...

It'll be a Notorious summer

Notorious, the full size wooden sailing recreation of a caravel has been laid seige by visitors of the Hervey Bay Boat Club. Calder and Ilia Higham.

Notorious, the full size wooden sailing recreation of a caravel has been laid seige...

Canon's top photos of 2017

I was on my way to capture the sunset when I saw this stunning rainbow draped perfectly over Bondi Beach. Hastily made my way to the Bondi Icebergs to get the shot, and made it with just two minutes to spare! Shot on: Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L USM II lens

Canon has chosen 20 of the top photos that Australia loved on its social media...

Byron Bay rail revived

Byron Bay rail line has been revived after 13 years with the world's first solar...

Qualified electrican starts own small business

Russell van Hooff  has started his own small business, not letting his disability get in the way of finding employment.

Russell van Hooff has not let a debilitating spinal injury stop him from finding...

Victory Church offers free Christmas hamper with every $30 food hamper.

Victory Church pastor Yuan Miller is proud of his congregation and local businesses who gave their money towards the free Christmas hamper which will be given with the purchase of a $30 food hamper.

Pastor Yuan Miller is proud of his congregation for their giving towards the free...

Boast Harbour Drive Pedestrian Crossing –Urraween

Camera Direction: Facing West

Ferry Street and Alice Street, Maryborough (SE)

Camera Direction: Facing South-East

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Hervey Bay:
 77 Tavistock St
431-433 Kent St
Forgan Terrace