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SSM Fake Votes our votes stolen.

Plover attack caught on camera

LEAVE IMMEDIATELY: This is the shot David Harris got of a very angry plover.

"I got my camera. They attacked again."

School Work Experience – Sky’s the limit

Maddy Langabeer at 5 Aviation Regiment

Maddy sent a letter to the 5th Aviation Regiment in Townsville

100 fatal crashes: Rob Frey has a message for students

Firefighter Rob Frey

Firefighter has personally attended over 100 road crash fatalities.

'I just see a nation who holds out their hand'

There is a lot to love about being Australian.

Our media love to paint a picture that is dark and grey and gloomy.

And they're off and racing for the championships


And they're off and racing for the championships

Why the NDIS should matter to all Fraser Coast locals

IS THE NDIS TOO COMPLEX? Experts fear thousands of regional residents will miss out on disability funds because they don't understand how $22b scheme works

Put your child's needs first

EARLY intervention is a key focus area of the NDIS with the aim of giving your child the best possible chance at life from the start.

Funding keeps Dion moving forward

DION, 25, is a talented artist who recently launched his second children’s book Go Home Cheeky Animals, the sequel to his book Too Many Cheeky Dogs.

AutoWed: coin-operated wedding machine

Press 1 for heterosexual, 2 for gay, and 3 for a lesbian marriage. And if you wish...

YOUR PHOTOS: Pets having a play on the Fraser Coast

Simba enjoying a swim

Our Facebook community share photos of their pets having a play on the Fraser...

YOUR PHOTOS: Playful pets on the Fraser Coast

Levi shaking off after having a play with the garden hose.

Our Facebook community has shared their playful pets from across the Fraser Coast.

YOUR PHOTOS: Loved pets and animals

Donna Allan - Timothy, the greyhound.

Readers shared photos of their beloved pets and animals on the Fraser Coast...

2017 Maryborough Open House

Maryborough Open House - Waterside Workers Hall built 1918. Member of the 'Save Our Waterside Workers Hall', Stephen McGinley shared the site of the birth of the trade union movement in Maryborough.

2017 Maryborough Open House is growing in popularity with hundreds of curious...

A Beached Humpback, Dundowran

A humpback whale calf has been euthanised, after attempts to rescue the animal, from Dundowran beach, was proved to be futile. ORCA Whale and Seal Rescue volunteers worked with Marine Park Rangers to keep the calf comfortable.

A humpback whale calf has been euthanised, after attempts to rescue the animal...

Maryborough Correctional Centre

Maryborough Correctional Centre - Corrective Services Dog Handler Steve Berthelsen with Nera. With seven years on the job, Nera is nearing retirement from sniffing out the contraband.

A walk through of the Maryborough Correctional Centre introduced us to the new...

Channel 7 cadet sacked and walked out of building

Sacked after sexual harassment complaint.

Amy Taeuber was sacked on bullying claim after complaining of sexual harassment.

Man saved after falling onto train tracks

Sydney commuters save man from approaching train.

A Sydney man fainted and fell onto tracks in front of approaching train.

Bruce Saunders addresses the overcrowding of the Maryborough Correctional Centre

Bruce Saunders addresses the overcrowding of the Maryborough Correctional...

Boast Harbour Drive Pedestrian Crossing –Urraween

Camera Direction: Facing West

Ferry Street and Alice Street, Maryborough (SE)

Camera Direction: Facing South-East

1300 79 49 29  6611
Hervey Bay:
 77 Tavistock St
431-433 Kent St
Forgan Terrace