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Massage Synergy provides mobile massage to your home/office or holiday apartment and has many advantages; No travel time, no traffic, no parking issues, no hurry to leave; Just lay back, relax and unwind while you have a professional massage delivered right into the comfort of your own surroundings.

Catering for individuals ,Retreats, Conferences, Sporting events/groups.

Getting a group of people together? Weekend retreat ,training camp, conference?                                                          We can design a massage or stretching package to suit your needs.

One of the great things about massage is that is is suitable for everybody.

Sports Groups Specific sports massage and stretching sessions can help your sports people train and maintain their fitness and flexibility. Individual massage sessions or group stretching is available for your specific sporting activity. Learning new stretch techniques to help combat sporting injuries and keep your players all on the field.

Yoga and Health Retreats Optimise your guests experience by providing the added multiple benefits of massage. Relaxation can help reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, lower blood pressure and bring a feeling of comfort and peace. Your guests can enjoy a range of different massages to suit your timetable.

Corporate Health Massage to your workplace has numerous benefits to your company. Massage can bring reduced tension and stress, reduce aches and pains, has been proven to reduce absenteeism . Staff moral and productivity improves, helping to bond your team.

Do you have back pain, aching muscles, tight neck and shoulders, leg discomfort, headaches/migraines, sprains, strains, inflexible, stressed, lack of sleep and more? Massage can help with many conditions bringing ease of symptoms whilst treating the cause.

Some of the types of massage used includes;

Sports & Deep Tissue the perfect antidote for stiff & sore muscles. A firmer massage that increases circulation & helps muscles recover faster, easing aches and pains allowing you to return to activities sooner. Good for chronic long term tight muscles, not just for sports people.

Remedial & Trigger point for specific soft tissue problems and stubborn/chronic/long term tight muscles caused by injury or lifestyle.

Posture & Flexibility / Stretching stretches & strengthens muscles & enhances optimal movements increasing flexiblity. Move more freely with less effort.

Relaxation Massage gently eases tension & stress, aches & pains, promotes restful sleep allowing your body & mind to recharge naturally, wait till you experience the soothing scalp massage, bliss...

Pregnancy Massage - 12 weeks onwards only Relief of Everyday Symptoms

Massage for pregnant women offers a number of benefits. ◾Headaches can be relieved by massage focusing on the head, neck and shoulders. In addition, maintaining optimal levels of stress relief through massage reduces the chances of migraines or tension headaches by relaxing trigger points and muscle spasms. ◾Muscle tension created by carrying the extra weight of a baby can be relieved by encouraging blood flow to the afflicted areas. This provides more nutrient-rich oxygen and also increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which sweeps away toxins and metabolic waste. ◾Fatigue, backaches, leg cramps and swelling/edema can all be relieved through various types of massage for pregnant women. ◾The ordinary aches and pains of pregnancy are countered by the release of serotonin, your body's natural anti-pain chemical, which is stimulated by massage. Use of the 'preggy pillow' also allows women a chance to relax face down whilst both Mother and baby are comfortably supported.


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