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I work with small to medium sized businesses across most industries.


Businesses going through a growth curve have massive waste. Waste of time, cost, and quality. They are leaving massive profit on the table!

They Do 2 Things Wrong:

1. They fail to find their constraint, because they focus on the wrong thing and try to solve the wrong problem, when it comes to achieving more of the business goal.

2. They only look "outside" their business for solutions instead of inside, because they get distracted by the next "shiny object" or next "specialist" that comes along, which is like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic!


Without adding "new things" there is hidden excess profit just laying there in under-exploited assets, under-performing activities, and over-looked opportunities.

Rather than adding we need to take away – reduction not addition - simplify not complicate - easy not hard - It’s not about throwing more into your business, but extracting more out of it, through the identification and removal of your constraint, streamlining and systemising processes, and setting up joint-ventures to provide resources.


My 90-day million-dollar business-blitz is an intense, radical and rapid, all out attack on your business thinking, products/services, processes, profit & productivity - All directed at finding an extra million dollars in the next 90 days, and then turning your yearly sales ($) into your yearly profits within 4 years.

This allows scalability and duplication, but more importantly, maximisation of throughput and profit now and in the future.


Dicky Beach, Queensland, 4551, Australia