$10 note nearly price of life

THINKING he had found $10 nearly cost Stephen Simon his life.

The Scarness man was checking his mail when he thought he spied a $10 note underneath the enormous palm tree at the front of his house.

It turned out to be just a bit of coloured paper and he walked away from the tree back towards his front door.

Seconds later there was a loud crash as several of the branches fell out of the tree on to the spot where Mr Simon had just been standing.

“If I’d been standing there for another 10 seconds I would have copped it,” he said.

The weight of the branches, he reckons, could have been enough to crush him.

“The bloke behind me came running because he heard the bang and thought there had been a car crash,” Mr Simon said.

Mr Simon said the man had been intending to go out in his car and he was relieved he didn’t drive out as the branches were falling.

“It would have gone right through his windscreen,” he said.

He is now worried about the tree itself.

With the strong winds the Fraser Coast has been experiencing over the past few days, the tree has looked increasingly unstable, Mr Simon said.

“When the wind blows the tree starts rocking,” he said.

Mr Simon is concerned the tree could fall on powerlines across the road from his home.

“If a bad wind comes it could hit the powerlines. It could be a big catastrophe.”

Anyone wanting information on how to legally clear dangerous trees can visit http://www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au/web/guest/vegetation-protection/tree-clearing.

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