10 ways to lighten up your luggage

THERE is an art to packing a suitcase, whether you are looking to squeeze more in or simply deciding whether to leave the electric eyebrow plucker at home.

The holiday experts at Escape Travel have drawn on their years of packing experience to develop this list of tips:

1. Does your bag need the Biggest Loser treatment?

Complying with baggage weight restrictions is very important, particularly if you are taking off on a low cost or new age carrier. Weigh it before you leave home and make the necessary adjustments.

2. Suck it up – try a vacuum pack

If you are having trouble finding space for all the travel necessities, try putting clothes and other bulky items in space-saving vacuum packs.

3. Take toilet paper and travel insurance

Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, these two necessities can easily turn in to your most important items of holiday luggage.

4. Keep valuables at hand

Do not assume your checked luggage is going to make it to your destination with you. Keep valuables and other necessities in your hand luggage.

5. A bag within a bag

An extra bag always comes in handy, whether you are taking it on a daytrip or simply quarantining dirty clothes from other items in your suitcase.

6. On a roll

Rolling jeans, pants and other large items is a good packing tactic. Rolling not only minimises wrinkles, it also makes bulky items easier to pack.

7. Shoes – stuff them

Make use of the inside of those stylish knee-high boots by stuffing them with socks or accessories.

8. What’s provided?

If you are staying at a luxury resort, you probably don’t need to pack a full range of toiletries. You may not need a laptop if your hotel has a business centre.

9. Wear heavy or bulky items onboard

And one final suggestion:

10. Tie a distinctive ribbon or decoration to your bag so you can spot it easily.

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