Have you seen a ghost on the highway?
Have you seen a ghost on the highway?

Strange encounters on Aussie roads

WE ALL want to believe.

It might be a cheesy line from the iconic sci-fi television show The X-Files, but many of Australia's truckies reckon there might be something out there.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their scariest paranormal experiences with us and here is 15 of the creepiest.

Sleep tight everyone!

1. Peter Robinson

"Going across the Pilliga in the middle of the night, there was a flash of light in the cab. Looking over the passenger side was a image of a woman.

"It freaked the sh*t out of me, now I will not cross the Pilliga at night.

"I'll stop at Coonabarrabran or Narrabri and wait until daylight, no matter how late I'm going."

2. Max Brady

"Creepiest thing ever seen was the first time I drove north west towards Longreach at dusk or as it's getting dark. For what seems to be a never-ending horizon the closer you get to Longreach, the image of a jumbo aeroplane appears on the horizon.

"It can be seen for a good few minutes until you can actually make out what it is.

"Just when you start to think you are seeing things and it is disappearing with the fading light , with the going down of the sun.

"The cabin lights of the plane come on and the landing lights start to flash, it really is a case of being in the right place at the right time .

"It was one eerie feeling of wondering whether it was about to land or had just landed.

"Then as I rolled into the outskirts of Longreach it was where they parked the Qantas jumbo as part of the Qantas Museum."

3. Owen Weir

"A Thursday morning I passed the scene of a man hit by a truck near Robina in Queensland.

"He was still in pieces and no white cover.

"The next night I was on my return trip. As I passed over the section of road, I glanced in my mirror to notice a shadow in the shape of a man chasing the truck.

"I don't think my truck has ever gone so fast northbound between Robina and Mudgereeba."

4. Patrick Rollings

"Not driving a truck, but in my ute 2am between Junnee and Wagga I ran out of fuel, rang my girlfriend to bring mower tin, while I was waiting I seen a dude walking past in a cowboy hat and big coat.

"When girlfriend arrived I asked her if she seen him and she said no, there was no other traffic on the road either way from the time I seen him till she got to me with fuel, I said when you head back to Junnee just keep the accelerator flat.
"That night still haunts me today and that was 1993."

The tales of passed Noosa folk will come to life at the Pomona Cemetery Walk.
The tales of passed Noosa folk will come to life at the Pomona Cemetery Walk. Amber Macpherson

5. Corey Martin

"On the Barkley Highway we passed a bloke wearing a cowboy hat and a drizabone, walking down the edge of the road at about 3am.

"About 10kms down the road we passed what appeared to be the same bloke. I wasn't pulling up to ask if he wanted a lift, that's for sure."

6. Jo Fowler and Bob Smith

These two truckies both reported seeing the Pilliga Princess.

Jo Fowler: "With my husband we saw the Pilliga Princess. That old F500 rattled out of there."

Bob Smith: "The Pilliga Princess. She would show up anywhere. We pulled up at the Towers one night, woke up in the morning and she was sleeping on the trailer."

7. Corey Hatton

"I remember one night in September 1978, I took the wrong turn and ended up southbound though the Pilliga.

"I was getting low on fuel so I slept the night on the side of the road.

"It would have been 3am and a yowie ripped me out of the cab and started dragging me into the bush."

yOWIE Frances Klein

8. Kelli-Jo Huffman

"Me, myself, on Summer Land way a few years ago, about 2am a man was standing in the middle of the road wearing a pair of jeans and a drizabone.

"Just as the truck was meant to hit him, he looked me right in the eyes and disappeared."

9. Melanie Trenia Pearson

"Ghost truck just came outside Weethalle in New South Wales. Pulled up with hubby doing interstate to take a sneaky roadside pee and a truck came up from behind.

"I thought what a clown outta all places to stop would be right where I needed to drop the draws! Clear as day, seen it, heard it, lights on visor, bottom bumper, aerial lights, mirrors, air cleaners.

"He was lit up and no mistaking him/her. Next minute no truck! Near shat myself and still remember it clear as day even though it was just after 2am.

"I've been trying to find any stories of trucks in the area that it would be. Happened last year around this time."

10. Scott Hayden

"In 2013 I was driving from Wagga to Narranderra. Close to Narranderra at 2am I saw at the last minute a female on a bike.

"She road head on into me, even my offsider seen it. Bang on the breaks, get out big torches and found nothing but a cross on a tree.

"The cops told us in 1960 she was killed on that very night on 10/10, 1960 at 2am."

11. Ian Lovett

"Headless person walking alongside the road in Dubbo. The dash cam stopped just before it came into view and started again after I went past."

12. Shannon Sando

"Driving from Perth to Karratha, pushing it too late int the night I saw a brick wall suddenly appear on the road and an Asian man wearing a conical hat riding a pushbike along the middle of the road."

Signs on the side of the highway on the Nullarbor advise drivers they are entering and then leaving the Central Western Time zone, which does not officially exist.
Signs on the side of the highway on the Nullarbor advise drivers they are entering and then leaving the Central Western Time zone, which does not officially exist.

13. Trevor Warner

"Had a white cloudy transparent lady walk out in front of my truck near a rock cutting on the Gore Highway one night. I was on the phone to my brother at the time.

"I drove right through her. I spoke to a mate about this and he checked it out the next day. The incident took place near some roadside memorial crosses, 200m or so up the road."

Trevor also had another story, this time one about a ghost truck.

"I saw a ghost truck with 150-year-old bloke driving on a straight piece of road near Lowesale in New South Wales.

"I was running over the centre line because of a bad road shoulder. No lights in sight, the next thing this six-tonne old Dodge or Inter was right there, my spotlight burning his eyes out.

"Nothing, no tail lights, no brake lights, nothing.

"The old fella looked like a ghost character off Scooby Doo, staring right into the big Lightforces 240s. The next parking bay looked good."

14. Glen Stutsel

"Back in about 1992, coming back from Coffs Harbour for the first time, absolutely dead tired in a day cab Scania, so nowhere to have a lay down.

"Was in the middle of an absolute torrential storm with pelting rain, wind blowing the truck all over the road and dodging fallen trees and branches.

"Didn't notice out the front, but out the side of my vision I see about 15 to 20 people standing on the side of the highway in the pouring rain at about 1am in the morning.

"I'm trying to look in the mirror to see why the hell would all these people be just standing around when I came around a slight bend and spotted the sign for the Clybucca Bus Crash Memorial.

"After that I was eyes wide open all the way back to Sydney."

15. Mick Killeen

"Heard a story about a bloke in a big green W model.

"Following a bus across the Nullarbor, when a strange light was hovering across the top of the bus. When bus stopped at next town.

"All the passengers went crazy and where locked up in the nut house.

"Not 100 percent sure about this story, I am 100 percent sure me and the bloke who told me this where off at the time the story was told."

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