2013 Federal Election guide to the seat of Wide Bay

WIDE Bay covers an area of 14,573sq km from Weyba Downs and Peregian Beach in the south-east; from Fraser Island in the north-east; from Booubyjan in the north-west to the township of Cherbourg in the south-west and Bella Creek in the south.

Major population centres are Maryborough, Noosa Heads and Gympie.

The World Heritage listed Fraser Island is located in the division.

The main industries are eco-tourism, historical attractions, natural attractions, timber, dairying, grain, grazing, sugar, tropical fruit orchards, and railway rolling stock, including Queensland's tilt trains.


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Warren Truss (LNP)

This will be the National Party Leader's 10th election, having first won the seat in 1990. He would be deputy prime minister in an Abbott government.

More about Warren Truss


Lucy Stanton (Labor)

The software developer, who lives in the Noosa Hinterland,  won pre-selection in May.

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Gordon Dale (Katter's Australian Party)

The former postman and diesel fitter now runs a medium sized grocery store in Maryborough with his wife.

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Stephen Anderson (Palmer's United Party)

Is a foundation member of the local Sunrise Rotary Club and lives in Maryborough.

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Joy Ringrose (Greens)

The maths/science teacher runs a family business and lives in Pomona.

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2010 RESULTS (Two-party-preferred)

Warren Truss 65.61% (+7.22%)

Nikolee Ansell (ALP) 34.39%


"The mood is largely anti-government, softened a little by Rudd's return and fears that Abbott may do a Newman and mishandle job cuts."


This really won't be a contest, although it will be interesting to see how the KAP and PUP parties poll.

The Greens did well at the 2010 election, attracting 11% of the primary vote, but it would be a surprise if they repeated that effort in the staunchly conservative seat.


The ALP has only held Wide Bay twice since 1901, but one of those MPs was Ander Fisher (1901-15), who served three terms as prime minister.

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