29 things to do when it is 29 degrees on the Fraser Coast

THE Bureau of Meteorology is predicting top temperatures to soar to 29 degrees on the Fraser Coast this weekend. 

Here's 29 things to do to escape the heat when it's 29 degrees. 

1. Head to the beach for a swim or some water sports.

Hervey Bay is perfect for stand up paddle boarding and what better way to cool off. If you're more of an adventure type why not hire a jetski.

Enjoy some paddle boarding
Enjoy some paddle boarding Whitsunday Escape

2. Avoid the sun and go to the movies.
Relax in the air-conditioning with popcorn and a frozen coke at the movies.

3. Go for a cold drink near the beach
Cool off with an iced tea or milkshake down at one of Hervey Bay's beach-side cafes to enjoy the gorgeous view while relaxing with friends.

4. Grab an ice cream
Head to one of the Fraser Coast's ice cream shops and pick out your favourite flavour.

5. Go for a swim at the pool
If you're not a fan of the beach head to the pool for a cool off.

6. Head to the shops
Escape the heat and head to the shopping centre for some retail therapy.

7. Take the kids to WetSide
What better way to entertain the kids this weekend then by taking them to their favourite free waterpark.

WetSide Water Park is the best place to take the kids when it's hot!
WetSide Water Park is the best place to take the kids when it's hot! Alistair Brightman

8. Go out for cocktails at your favourite bar
Grab some friends and head out to your favourite bar for a few cocktails.

9. Picnic at the park
Find a shady park and pack a picnic for a nice way to enjoy lunch outdoors this weekend.

10. Head to the art gallery
There are some beautiful exhibitions being showcased so if you're the arty type go and check them out.

11. Go for a drive
Take off for a drive to Childers or somewhere close.

12. Movies at home
If you don't want to head to the cinema why not hire your favourite movies or tune into Netflix.

13. Get to a yoga class
Enjoy a relaxing yoga class to wind down this weekend

14. Read a book
Find a cool spot to take time out and read your favourite book.

15. Go out for dinner at your favourite restaurant on the Fraser Coast
Escape the heat of the kitchen and spoil yourself to a dinner date.

16. Take a walk along the Mary River
Enjoy the beauty of the Mary River early morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday sun.

Mary River sunrise
Mary River sunrise Ben Duffy

17. Have fun gaming
If you're into gaming why not rent your favourites and challenge yourself or a friend.

18. Enjoy the sunset.

Watch the sun go down on the day in the cool of the afternoon.

19. Have a BBQ
Nothing beats the great outdoors on a balmy night. Why not invite a few friends over.

20. Go and get a facial
If you're a woman - you'll love relaxing to a facial. Head to one of the many beauty salons and unwind with a facial

21. Go for a walk along the Esplanade
Pick a cool time of the day and go for a walk along the Esplanade.

22. Pitch a tent on the beach and laze around.
Enjoy an arvo relaxing on one of our beautiful beaches with the shade of a tent.

23. Hire a tri scooter.
Enjoy buzzing around the city on the newest craze - tri scooters.

24. Home waterslide
Make your own home waterslide with a tarp and detergent to cool off.

25. Get in your togs and wash the car.
Get the car washed while cooling off in your togs.

26. Watch the cricket.
If you're into sports sit back and watch the cricket over the weekend.

Watch the cricket
Watch the cricket Leeroy Todd

27. Go kayaking
Enjoy the beauty of the Fraser Coast on a kayak.

28. Make ice-blocks.
Get the kids to help out and make your own ice-blocks.

29. Buy a hammock and enjoy some relaxing time in the shade.

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