40th Anniversary of Moffat murders

I HAVE the utmost respect for the men and women who wear the blue uniform.

The Queensland Police Service is full of every day people doing heroic things, and often unrecognised.

Most people rarely deal with the police. For the average person we see officers pulling over speeding drivers, handing out tickets and patrolling the community.

I would hate to imagine what our society would be like if we didn't have these people turning up to work every day and putting on the uniform.

When a domestic violence disturbance is called in, there's a police officer there.

Every time a sicko or thief is brought before the courts, it's the result of a hardworking police officer who has dedicated hours to solving the case.

It's the same for our front page story today on the horrific tragedy involving the murder of Edith and William Moffat in 1977.

Throughout the four decades dozens of police detectives have worked countless hours and followed thousands of leads in the hope a piece of information will bring justice to the memory of the Moffats.

As today marks the 40th anniversary of the killings, I hope the media attention will spark someone's memory or perhaps convince someone to come forward with new information.

Not only to solve the murder case and bring justice against the killer but to also bring closure to the community and the dedicated police officers who have worked the case.

I recommend anyone who may think they have a piece of information which could be useful to the investigation to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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