Kari Bourne

$43m to help find dementia cure

AUSTRALIA'S fight to end dementia is stepping up a notch after 76 researchers were awarded $43 million to help find a cure and ways society can handle the disease better.

The Federal Government funding, delivered to Australian researchers as fellowships, will be used to help fund the fight for a cure and determine new ways to tackle the impacts of dementia.

About 330,000 Australians have the disease.

The funding will also help Australia contribute to the World Dementia Council's target of finding a cure or a modifying therapy by 2025.

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley said the fellowships would help researchers understand the progression of dementia in the brain, the role of intense exercise in protecting the aging brain and ways to build resilience in the dementia care workforce.

"These fellowships will ensure Australia's highly skilled, innovative research workforce continues to advance knowledge in dementia and how we can better support people with the disease, their carers and the millions of Australians impacted by the disease now and over the coming decades," Ms Ley said.


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