$50 million available to roll out flood mitigation projects

QUEENSLAND communities hit hard during the big wet will be able to put their hand up to share in $50 million to roll out flood mitigation projects.

Money will be directed to helping councils construct much-needed levees, alert systems and even mitigation studies in flood prone towns.

Local Government, Community Resilience and Recovery Minister David Crisafulli said the flood mitigation had to be driven by local councils and the councils need support from all government levels.

Mr Crisafulli said it was about changing the way business was done.

"This really is a game changer," he said.

"For too long we have just accepted the business as usual approach. What I want to do is start a process that doesn't accept business as usual and actually delivers protection for these communities on the ground.

"Don't ever think for one moment you are going to flood proof a state like Queensland. That is no possible but that doesn't mean we can't try to do a lot better than we have in the past."

The money will be sourced from existing programs, including the Royalties for Regions, and $25 million will be handed out this year.

It was reported earlier this year insurance companies would offer lower premiums for communities better protected from flooding.

Mr Crisafulli said the government would be holding these insurance companies to account.

"A big call for them, they have pinned their colours to the mast very clearly and now we are going to hold them to account," he said.

Queensland taxpayers will spend $4 billion this year to help communities recover from extreme weather.

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