Miners make the most per week, says ABS

MINERS are still the best paid Aussies, while retail workers are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to weekly earnings, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.

Data released by the ABS revealed the average Australian adult earned $1422 a week to May this year - a rise of 5.1% in the year to May.

But while most Australians have had a pay rise in the last year, mining industry workers remain the best-paid, earning on average $2423 a week.

That high pay rate compares with the lagging retail industry, where shop-workers could expect just $1022 a week.

Other high-paying jobs included roles in the professional or science services, at $1706 a week; or in financial services, with weekly earnings at $1645.

But while Queensland might have a lot of miners, the state rated only middle of the road in earnings, at an average $1423 a week.

South of the border, New South Wales' residents could expect $1407 on average in their weekly pay packets.

The public service capital of Australian Capital Territory and resource powerhouse Western Australia again topped the earning list for the year to May.

In the ACT, the average weekly pay packet sat at $1702 for residents, while WA workers averaged $1644 a week.

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