Petition to sack council rejected

CAM PRIMAVERA is adamant he has made his point.

His petition to remove the Fraser Coast council may not have stirred the local government minister into action, but the Maryborough nurse and one-time council candidate is content.

“We’ve put them on notice, the whole community,” he said.

“The council know they need to pull the finger out and start working for the whole community and not for themselves.

“I hope they know they’re on notice.”

Minister Desley Boyle responded to the petition signed by 3921 people, saying she had limited powers.

Evidence of ongoing systematic failures on the part of the council would have been required for her to act on the petition which expressed no confidence in the councillors and called for CEO Andrew Brien to be sacked and a by-election to be held.

“The petition presented does not contain evidence that would give rise to me considering the use of my powers as minister,” she said.

“I acknowledge that residents may disagree with a council when an unpopular decision is made. However, Queensland’s local governments are autonomous bodies charged with taking independent action on a wide range of matters necessary for ensuring the good rule and government of their areas.”

Mr Primavera launched the hard-hitting petition across the Fraser Coast in April before it was presented to Parliament by Maryborough MP Chris Foley.

Mr Primavera said a stack of petitions, which would have pushed it over the 4000 mark, was accidentally left behind.

He originally targeted 5000 signatures but has not been disappointed by the effect of the petition.

“The petition showed a lot of discontent in the community. I’m happy with the ways it’s gone,” he said yesterday.

“I think they’ve had a lot of time to get moving.

“They need to spend more time talking to the public and less time behind closed doors.

“They need to be more community minded.”

Ms Boyle, however, commended the council on its work since amalgamation two-and-a-half years ago.

“The benefits from this reform are only now beginning to show results and I commend councils on the many and varying initiatives that they have taken to improve the efficiencies.”

Mr Primavera, who ran for Maryborough City Council eight years ago, said he was determined to run as a candidate at the 2012 local elections, but had not decided whether to run for mayor or as a councillor.

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