A changing role

AFTER penning almost 1000 editorials since I was appointed editor of the Fraser Coast Chronicle, today's will be my last.

Our parent company has backed me with a major editorial appointment which will see me work with all 14 of our regional dailies as well as the 60-plus community free papers they operate.

I am both excited by the new challenge and sad at the same time because I will be walking away from a paper that I have dedicated myself to for the past three years.

I made a commitment in my first editorial that I would work with integrity and diligence for this community.

I trust I have lived up to that promise. Along the way I have made many friends and I have also managed to put some in this community offside.

Every editor of any newspaper will tell you that is what comes with the job.

Village priests, politicians, police, councillors, dingo campaigners and conservationists have all taken the time to phone me and offer clear advice as to what we should and shouldn't run in this paper.

Never a week has gone by when I haven't received a call from someone appearing in court asking me to leave their name out the paper. Of course they never were.

When I arrived we had a dysfunctional council leading us into the abyss.

They are all gone except for the best of the group who is doing a fantastic job as our new mayor.

We had the worst of our society going through courts knowing that their name would rarely appear in the paper and we had local politicians who were never called on to answer the tough questions.

Things have changed and I believe for the better.

Now all elected officials know that if they don't fight for every member of this community they will be put under the media blowtorch.

My wife and daughter have been mentioned many times in my column and they will breathe a big sigh of relief this morning. For once they won't have to turn to this page and wonder what I may have said that may embarrass them.

The mantle of editor of this paper is now in good hands in Mat Nott. I hope you will show him the same support you showed me. Thanks for reading my words I trust they have provoked thought and action.

If you see me down the street please say hello, I am not leaving this wonderful area.

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