OPINION: O'Connell v Loft will be a great political battle

GERARD O'Connell has asked voters for four more years.

It was not surprising Cr O'Connell announced his intention to stand again - he has far too much unfinished business.

It is shaping as a classic political battle with councillor Chris Loft also likely to throw his name in the mix.

Cr Loft has been conspicuously silent since the Chronicle last week revealed his discussions with businessman Warren Persal about running for Mayor.

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Cr O'Connell was smart to come out and control his candidacy announcement.

I expect Cr Loft will reveal in the next month his intentions to stand.

It will be a great political, Labor v Liberal battle between the pair, who both have a differing style of politics.

Mayor Loft would tighten the Fraser Coast's fiscal belt while Mayor O'Connell would continue the visions and masterplans.

There is still also months to go before nominations close, so we may see a dark horse.

With 3% annual growth in Hervey Bay and more investment from outside the region than ever before, the Fraser Coast is on the cusp of something great.

It is so important that we get the next choice right.

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