Airport security questioned after fuel stolen from plane

A FUEL-filching job on a plane parked at Hervey Bay airport is sparking concerns about security and safety in the region.

Fortunately for the plane's owner Col Veldon the pilot noticed the $300 theft as part of his pre-flight checks prior to taking to the skies.

However, Mr Veldon said less reassuring was that someone was able to steal from a site that's supposed to be secure and not be captured on CCTV or caught by security patrols.

He said it raised questions as to what other crimes or acts could be committed within the airport's grounds without capture.

"The reality is it would be someone with (aircraft) knowledge because kids don't want to use old fashioned fuel in a new car," Mr Veldon said.

"It's outdated fuel, it used to have lead in it in the old days, so it's outdated fuel that would be no good in cars, it's not rocket fuel or anything.

"The security issue is still a big issue, I was thinking about that last night. The council might think they have a secure airport but obviously they don't."

The Fraser Coast Regional Council manages the site. Its mayor Gerard O'Connell claimed entry had not been forced.

"The airport is patrolled regularly throughout the night and day and there have been no forced entries or security breaches," Cr O'Connell said.

"All Lessees and private aircraft owners have appropriate security clearance and access to their leased sites and aircraft, and are responsible for the security of their own private property."

Mr Veldon said his aircraft was not on private property when he believes the fuel was taken, and was instead parked in council managed zones.

He said it's not the first time he has heard of fuel theft happening at Hervey Bay airport.

Although Hervey Bay police said they were not aware of a spate of similar incidents when contacted.

The $300 fuel heist

  • Fuel type not suitable for cars
  • Owner believes for that reason it's more likely another aircraft owner has taken it

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