MY SAY: How we should approach development

A GOOD development should always improve an existing situation.

Any development should meet the expectations of the community as well as provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure the character and functionality of the existing community is not affected in a negative way.

Benjamin Cross
Benjamin Cross

A good development ensures that character is protected across all those disciplines.

People of the Sunshine Coast can form their own opinions on a development if they use a basic version of the "triple bottom line" framework by asking themselves three simple questions:

  •  Does it meet the needs of the community?
  •  Are appropriate measures being proposed to ensure the natural environmental is protected?
  •  Is the development economically sustainable?

We can ensure a good development is achieved by insisting the answers to those questions are consistent with the intent and desired outcomes of the planning scheme.

Finally, a good development seeks contribution from the community. When both parties join thorough planning, common sense and rationality, a good development is almost inevitable.

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