A look back at another big year in Fraser Coast sport

THE BEST: It is the annual feature for which I simultaneously feel genuinely excited and itmakes me feel a tad nervous.

Counting down Fraser Coast sport's best moments of a calendar year is the annual trip down memory lane where we get to relive the top times on and off the field, track, course or mat.

It is also entirely subjective - I guarantee if you asked 1000 locals to list their top moments of a year, from one to whatever, there would be at least one disagreement over what makes the list, or in what order.

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What makes it so challenging is that there is so much sport to choose from, you feel bad about the people or achievements you don't get to include.

For this list, we have tried to keep a broad selection of individual performances at various levels of competitions, and in a wide array of sports.

Your first Sport Monday liftout of the year also includes a selection of the best photos taken by Chronicle chief photographer Alistair Brightman and protege Cody Fox, all of which you can purchase by phoning the office on 4120 1000 or at the Chronicle website.

Of course, we want to know what would make your list of the best sports moments of 2018, and predictions for this year, so send an email with your picks to sport@frasercoastchronicle.com.au.

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