Abbott's repeals do not address top concerns of business

THE Abbott Government's long-promised red tape repeal day on Wednesday will do nothing to address the top three concerns of small and medium businesses, a key industry lobby group said on Tuesday.

Repeals introduced in parliament last week will be debated during the repeal day, dedicated to cutting the cost of doing business in Australia by $1 billion every year.

But Prime Minister Tony Abbott's "bonfire of regulations" will not actually address the top three concerns of most Australian businesses, according to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The ACCI on Tuesday released its latest national red tape survey of more than 800 businesses, mostly small to medium enterprises, which identified business' top three concerns.

Survey respondents said their top three regulatory concerns were laws on workers' health and safety; workers' wages, conditions and superannuation; and tax compliance.

The survey said red tape continues to "strangle business"; with the ACCI's acting chief economist Burchell Wilson saying the repeal day would eventually save business millions.

But Mr Wilson also conceded that none of the legislation due for debate during the "repeal day" would actually address any of the top three concerns identified in the survey.

"Unfortunately not, the concerns are across the board but in relation to those issues they are worse than other matters," he said.

"Generally it is unfortunate that these issues aren't being addressed in the repeal bills tomorrow."

However, Mr Wilson said he still expected the "regulatory burden" on businesses would be addressed in the "fullness of time", despite the government's election commitment "not to examine industrial relations matters".

The survey also found some 40% of respondents reported regulations had prevented them from making changes to grow their businesses.

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