Wendy's smoothie maker loses it at complaining customers

IN HER brief career as a smoothie maker, Letisha Leah Paisley insulted and swore at customers, and challenged them to fights in other stores.

Before she was given the sack, Paisley, 17, was working at Wendy's at Redbank Plaza.

On April 3 two women bought a smoothie from the store before one of them returned it, telling her it was "watery", didn't taste right and asked for a replacement.

Paisley began swearing at them saying, "I don't like rude customers" and telling them "not to come back".

The pair complained to centre management and were given the number of the franchisee to complain to as well.

They continued shopping in the centre and were approached by Paisley in the store Zelows. Paisley told them to meet her outside to "settle" the dispute.

When the two stayed in the store, Paisley returned and told them they'd fight there instead. The store attendant called security, which quickly responded.

When security arrived, the two women tried to leave the store but Paisley pushed one of them over and grabbed the other by the wrist and twisted it.

She pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court to breaching bail and two counts of unlawful assault. She was arrested and set a date to appear in court, which she failed to do. She was then arrested on April 23 on a warrant by the police railway squad and taken to the watchhouse.

Appearing from custody, she told the court she had been sacked by Wendy's following the incident.

She was placed on a $600 good behaviour bond for 12 months and ordered to pay $200 in compensation to the woman whose arm she had grabbed and twisted.

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