"Bikie gangs are not nice old gentlemen with beards": MP

Deputy Opposition Leader of the LNP John-Paul Langbroek was spotted at the Woodman's Axe on Gregory St, ahead of today's press conference.

Mr Langbroek and Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan will be speaking against VLAD Laws, which the Palaszczuk government would like to unravel.

Mr Langbroek said local clubs would be re-opened under the Palaszczuk Government.

"Bikie gangs and criminal gangs are not nice old gentlemen with beards and tattoos, they are connected to drug running and violence that effects our kids," he said

"It's important that the club houses, like the ones in Chain St and Keats St are not re-opened.

Mr Langbroek said Labor's soft on crime approach meant it was only a matter of time before the clubhouse would again be teeming with gang members getting up to trouble.

"Let's be clear, the Outlaws are not a bearded bunch of kindly old men - they are an organised, criminal gang and they are coming back," he said.

"Queenslanders should be able to go to sleep at night knowing these clubhouses, around the corner from where they live aren't buzzing with illegal activity.

"Unfortunately the Palaszczuk Labor Government's new laws won't give them this peace of mind." 

Mr Langbroek said the new laws would see police tied up in lengthy legal proceedings, instead of preventing gangs from setting up shop.  

"Police will now be forced to apply to the Supreme Court to shut down a clubhouse where it could take months or even years to get it shut down," he said. 

"Meanwhile, the drug deals, the wild parties and the other antics will continue and there won't be anything anyone can do about it."

Mr Costigan said the shadow of an Outlaws/Odin's Warriors bikie brawl still haunted Mackay 19 years later and locals would be adamant that the Palaszczuk Labor Government can't allow that to happen again.

"With the city in lockdown and bullets being sprayed across the city it was crystal clear then, as it is now, that we need strong laws to stop these thug terrorising our streets," he said.

"Residents in Mackay and across the Whitsundays don't want mayhem, they want their loved ones to be safe and unfortunately the Palaszczuk Labor Government isn't up to the job of standing up to criminals.

"As a local resident back then, I know our region's police officers would have loved to have the tools to bring these thugs to justice - the LNP gave them that capacity and the Labor Government is taking it away."

Key Facts:

• The LNP's strong anti-criminal gang laws were introduced in October 2013

• More than 40 clubhouses from the Gold Coast to Cairns were shut down under the LNP

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