A Fraser Island dingo.
A Fraser Island dingo. Brett Wortman

Man fined $2500 for feeding dingoes

WHAT do you feed dingoes you believe are hungry?

Well according to Adam Randall from Rainbow Beach you feed them apples, mangoes, coconuts, roast chicken, dog food and sausages.

And that is exactly what he did feed a family of dingoes in 2008 at Hook Point on Fraser Island according to evidence presented yesterday at the Maryborough Magistrates Court.

Randall, 36, pleaded guilty in the court to four counts of feeding a dingo and one count of disturbing a dingo – and was fined $2500.

DERM prosecutor Ralph Devlin said Randall was in a relationship with wildlife photographer Jennifer Parkhurst, who has also been charged with feeding the dingoes.

The prosecutor said it was alleged Parkhurst started feeding a family of dingoes on the southern end of the island, known as the “Hook Point pack,” after several dingo pups died of starvation in 2007.

“Over a two-year period the rangers saw her on the island almost daily ... in close proximity to the dingoes,” he alleged.

“Since 2007 the QPWS rangers had seen abnormal behaviour of the dingoes and increased boldness towards humans.

“They were well nourished dingoes for animals living in the wild.”

Mr Devlin said six dingoes were killed by rangers after the animals displayed increasingly aggressive behaviour.

He alleged Randall visited the island with Parkhurst regularly and helped her feed the dingoes.

On several occasions he went to the island alone to feed the animals.

The offences were caught on film – photographs of Randall feeding the dingoes were tendered to the court.

The photos showed Randall feeding coconuts to the dingoes on February 9 and October 19, 2008 and frozen sausages to another dingo on May 27, 2008.

On Boxing Day 2008 he fed several juvenile dingoes a Christmas feast of roast chicken and dog biscuits.

In addition to the feeding offences, Randall was caught “disturbing” a dingo by playing with the animal on May 24, 2009.

Still images from the footage taken of the incident were shown to the court.

Mr Devlin said Randall interacted with a dingo on the beach, crouching down on all fours and lunging towards the animal before retreating.

The animal responded to the play behaviour and circled Randall before playfully nipping him on the leg, Mr Devlin said.

DERM laid charges against Randall and Parkhurst after officers raided her Rainbow beach home on August 24 last year.

Several items were seized from her home, including photography gear, electronic files and QPWS signs.

Mr Devlin said Randall’s actions were serious breaches and the dingo management strategy put in place in 2001 aimed to reduce interaction between humans and dingoes.

Magistrate John Smith fined Randall $500 for each charge and no conviction was recorded.

Parkhurst will face court later this year.

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