Creepy clowns are being sighted across the Fraser Coast.
Creepy clowns are being sighted across the Fraser Coast.

Alarming clown incidents reported around Fraser Coast

CREEPY clowns are causing alarm across the Fraser Coast, with a series of concerning incidents reported over the weekend.

The bizarre craze started in the United States and Canada, but copycat incidents have been reported across Australia in the past few days, including in Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

Senior Constable Kevin Tanwan said police received a series of troubling reports on Saturday night and in the early hours of yesterday morning, including suggestions a group of between five and seven clowns was weredisrupting traffic on Walker St in Maryborough about 10.30pm on Saturday.

"Police received a call regarding five to seven people dressed as creepy clowns walking along Walker St, jumping in front of vehicles and tapping on the windows of nearby houses," Snr Const Tanwan said.

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Then about 12.30am, police were called to Maryborough's Frank St, with residents reporting that two clowns had knocked on the door of a home in the street and then left the scene.

Snr Const Tanwan said a call had also been made to PoliceLink about 9.30pm on Saturday, asking if there had been any incidents involving "ugly clowns" at Station Square.

Snr Const Tanwan said so far no one had been arrested in relation to the incidents.

In Hervey Bay, police said they had received one complaint about clowns, but the police spokesman said it did not seem to be related to the craze.

Social media was teeming with reports of creepy clowns, with an Eli Waters mum saying five clowns had knocked on her door, scaring her children, and police had been called.

There were also three Facebook pages operating purporting to be informing the public of upcoming areas clowns were going to visit.

A Clown Purge Parade was planned for October 15 from 8pm at Urangan Pier, according to one of the pages.

Snr Const Tanwan warned those involved that they were committing serious criminal offences and could be charged with public nuisance, trespassing or worse as a result of their actions.

He said people who were knocking on doors dressed in clown costumes were not thinking about the possible repercussions of their actions.

He said that their decision to jump in front of cars and knock on doors could result in tragedy if it caused a crash or scared someone with an existing medical condition.

Snr Const Tanwan urged anyone who had an encounter to contact police.

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