UFO sightings still causing stir

The Fraser Coast Chronicle report from Friday, March 4.
The Fraser Coast Chronicle report from Friday, March 4.

SINCE several Maryborough residents came forward in early March to report formations of orange lights in the sky, interest in the phenomena continues to cut a swathe across cyberspace – if not outer space.

The idea that we are not alone captivated newspaper readers and visitors to the Chronicle website Calls and messages flooded in to our offices in Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

Concerned residents brought in wreckages of home-made hot air balloons that may have been responsible for the sightings.

Others took and posted videos of lights dancing across the sky.

Yet others called to recount stories of their actual encounters with extraterrestrials.

So, shortly after the first reports broke, the Chronicle posted a non-scientific poll on its website with the topic “Are aliens visiting Earth?” to test the types of experiences and beliefs provoked by the subject of aliens.

The results have been phenomenal and continue to provide an example of the power of the internet to reach people.

To date, 1768 people have responded to the four questions posed in the poll.

Of these, 363 claim they have actually met an alien.

A significant number, 1071, think aliens are visiting Earth while 192 respondents are sure that they are not.

The smallest group of respondents were the 142 who had no idea whether aliens were visiting Earth or not – an uncertainty no doubt produced by exposure to the memory-erasing wand used by the stars of Men in Black.


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