The boulder that almost hit Brenda's car.
The boulder that almost hit Brenda's car.

Boulder almost hits car

AN EAGLE-EYED Mungar resident was counting her lucky stars yesterday after managing to avoid having her car flattened by a “massive” boulder.

Brenda, who asked for her surname to be withheld, was travelling along Mungar Road at 2pm when she noticed “little rocks and rubble” sliding down a steep embankment and on to the road ahead.

“I was on my way back home and had just crossed the bridge over the Mary River near Tiaro,” she said.

“I noticed up ahead little rocks and rubble sliding down the hill. Then I saw this massive boulder coming down.”

Brenda managed to pull her car to screeching halt just metres from where the boulder, almost two metres across, came crashing down.

“It was quite a frightening experience,” she said.

“I just had enough time to stop.

“If I hadn’t seen those little rocks coming down, it could’ve been a lot worse.”

To top things off, Brenda then noticed something else that got her heart pumping with fear.

“A huge two-metre long carpet snake came slithering down the hill – it scared the life out of me,” she laughed.

Fraser Coast Regional Council staff was on hand to set up safety barriers and reduce the road to one lane within 20 minutes of receiving the call from Brenda yesterday.

A spokesperson said that while the Tiaro-Mungar Road was under the control of Main Roads, the council cleaned up the rock fall as part of its maintenance contract and a 20-tonne excavator was on the scene at 4pm.

It was believed a combination of rain and tree root activity had loosened the boulder, allowing it to slide down the embankment.

Brenda said she had been wary of the boulder, which had sat precariously at the top of an embankment about 400 metres from the Bruce Highway turn-off, for quite some time.

“I travel the road to and from town all the time and I’ve had my eye on it for a while – it looked quite unsteady.

“It’s probably all this wet weather that caused it to come down.

“It’s a nasty piece of work.”

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