Hervey Bay local Mark Simpson with a nice Jew taken near Kingfisher recently.
Hervey Bay local Mark Simpson with a nice Jew taken near Kingfisher recently. Contributed

Perfect conditions for anglers heading out wide

OPINION: Another weekend of gleaming sunshine has gifted perfect conditions for anglers heading out wide or up towards the island in search of a prize catch.

Fishing in the northern bay and on our reefs can often be tough during August, and this has been the case of late.

This time of year our bread and butter species such as bream, whiting, tailor and flathead really shine and can turn a slow day into a great one.

We have also seen water temperatures unusually warm for this time of year and they appear to be on the rise.

If this continues, it will see our spawning aggregations of snapper disperse as it will no longer be ideal conditions for them.

Sandy Strait

The strait has seen some good fishing at times particularly along the ledges and deeper holes.

Jew, barramundi, threadfin salmon and grunter have been taken from these areas.

Tailor can also be found along the ledges of the island and around Kingfisher Bay, with trolled minnows a great way to locate the schools.

On the flats, whiting, bream and flathead can be found in their usual haunts, with soft plastics doing well on the bream and flathead.

Near River Heads and in the lower reaches of both the Susan and Mary rivers, bream, whiting, grunter, threadfin salmon and flathead have been reported.

Mudcrabs have also been on offer and it has been a great year for them with numbers around right through the cooler months.

Local reefs

The local reefs have been a bit quite for most, with the increased boat traffic due to the fine weather making it difficult.

Fishing at night to avoid the crowds has improved catches with blackall, squire, cod and sweetlip being the main types.

It won't be long before our local reefs begin to start to fish well for our more tropical species like blue parrot, school mackerel, cod, coral trout and grass sweetlip.

It's always an idea to keep that in the back of your mind as we move closer to the warmer months.

Reports of diver-whiting are still coming in with some good late season catches about from inside Big Woody Island.

Wide grounds

Again the wide grounds from the Southern to the African gutters have been fairly tough.

Hussar, sweet lip, trevally, parrot, scarlets and the odd coral trout have been reported.

Crews have had to shift about and find ground that has had less fishing pressure to hook-on.

Plenty of fish can be seen on the sounder but again have been difficult to get a bite from.

For lure anglers the soft plastics and lucanus style jigs have done the damage, with fresh squid working well for anglers using baits.

Crews that headed offshore towards the Break Sea Spit seemed to do better with some good catches of mixed reefies.

Platypus Bay has been a little slow with only a handful of snapper reported. Live baits have been doing the best.

Steve and the crew from Anglers Den have reported some big flathead coming off the Urangan Pier.

Please keep an eye on the size of your flathead at this time of the year as there are plenty of big breeders over 75cm about.

Whiting, tailor and bream were also reported coming from the pier.

To go fishing with Andrew Chorley, visit www.herveybaysportfishing.com.au or email fishing@herveybaysportfishing.com.au.

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