Angry punters destroy pokie

BRAYDEN James Cummings and Raymond Damian Paranihi didn't know how to deal with being losers.

It made them furious.

In fact, the two men lost so much money gambling at a Torquay hotel that they decided to get their own back on the poker machine that got the better of them.

They punched the pokie until its screen smashed and then they took off.

But their highly drunken state on the night of January 12 was probably to blame for their stupidity, and they didn't get far before hotel security staff were escorting them back.

Cummings, 22, and Paranihi, 19, were arrested and charged with wilful damage.

They have now been ordered to fork out almost $2300 to repair the machine they destroyed.

The men pleaded guilty to the offence in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court, where magistrate Graeme Tatnell described their actions as "stupid".

"It's just stupidity gentleman, isn't it?" Mr Tatnell said.

"If you can't afford to lose money on poker machines, then don't play poker machines, or at least don't play when you're full of alcohol."

The men were fined $500 each and Paranihi escaped conviction due to his lack of criminal history.

They were further ordered to pay $2292.68 between them in restitution for the poker machine.

"Very expensive night out gentleman.

"You might have to stay home for a while," Mr Tatnell said as the pair left the court.