Answer to flood problems within reach with State Govt help

EDITORIAL: Flooding has been a part of life for Maryborough since the first pioneers, and short of relocating the city, it always will be.

But with the knowledge of climatology and engineering that we now have, answers to our flood problem are within reach.

And with the State Government offering $46 million in resilience funding, we now have the chance to fund them.

It would be hard to deny that the people of Granville and the outlying townships need a route to safety when the waters rise.

The suburb has been cut off far too frequently for comfort, with the council estimating it averages out to once every four years - and much more than that recently.

The raised approaches won't be a "get out of Granville free" card, as the bridge still goes under at just over 8m.

However, it will buy valuable time for people to stock up on supplies, or evacuate if they wish.

Another request is for the funding to raise the CBD's portable levee so that it can protect against floods of up to 11.4m.

Given the number of shops that never reopened in the wake of last year's floods, it may offer some security for businesses to return to the CBD.

With just $46 million to spend in this round of funding, and a lot of flood damage to fix across the state, I hope the importance of these projects is noted by the State Government and our local representatives.

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Bombers and Waves win big

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