Brooklyn House shows off its spirit

By Ernie Paussa

THEY'RE ba-ack.

The ghosts of historic Brooklyn House at Howard have been active again.

This time one of them was photographed by Hervey Bay real estate salesman Mike Smith.

Brooklyn House leapt to national prominence on Australia Day 2002 when the Chronicle published exclusive photos of a ghostly apparition of a woman.

The woman was framed by a window and appeared to be overlooking the signing of a registry by a wedding party.

It was the second time in the past 17 years that a ghostly photograph had been taken showing a woman's face.

It wasn't a woman's face that was photographed this time but what could have been a "spirit or ghost orb" (see report below).

Last week, Mr Smith and a sales team from Carter Cooper Realty were at Brooklyn House for a pre-listing assessment.

Mr Smith said he took between 30 and 40 photographs with his digital camera which he then downloaded to his laptop computer.

"I didn't see anything at all on them until I opened this one and said 'What the ...'."

What he was looking at was an out-of-focus photograph of one of the sales team, Paul Agius, walking through the lounge room of the house.

Level with his backside was a bluish-white sphere that Mr Smith at first thought was sun glare.

But then he realised it was inside and there was no sun so he enlarged the image and called over his daughter Tracy to have a look.

"She startled us when she said 'There's a face in that'.

"That's when we realised what we were looking at."

Brooklyn House owner Terry Ward is no stranger to strange happenings at the Victorian-era residence.

Since moving in in 1986, he and his family have seen mysterious shadows and heard unexplained footsteps, strange sounds and the sound of happy chattering and laughter.

His daughters refuse to go alone into the smokers' room where they have smelt cigar smoke and alcohol.

"I'm not surprised that something has come out on the real estate photos," Mr Ward said.

"We've been pretty well convinced from the word go that there was something here."

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