Apprentice received stolen TVs

AN APPRENTICE glazier who did building work at the Ramada Resort has faced court for receiving televisions stolen when the resort was raided in August.

Timothy David Lack, 18, appeared in the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property.

A second charge of entering premises and committing an indictable offence was dropped by the prosecution.

Between August 11 and 12, six LCD TVs were stolen from the Urangan resort, along with various other items including a computer keyboard, fax machine and tools.

Police later intercepted a car carrying three people and discovered some of the resort’s stolen property inside the vehicle.

One person identified Lack as being involved in the matter, police prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said.

During a police interview, Lack’s girlfriend said he had brought two TVs to her house and set them up in her bedroom, telling her he had bought them.

Lack had worked at the Ramada building site for six months when he was told of the break-in, the court heard. Defence solicitor Andrew List said Lack was told by the foreman, who went on to say that the stolen televisions would only work using compatible software found only at the resort.

It was then that Lack recalled that some of his friends had a number of TVs they could not get to work, he said.

So he asked his friends to give the TVs to him.

He didn’t know how to get them back to Ramada without drawing police attention to himself or his friends, Mr List said.

“He made full admissions to police,” he said of Lack, before adding that his client had a good work history and no prior convictions.

The TVs were recovered and returned to the resort.

“I don’t know if you are aware Mr Lack, but the maximum penalty for receiving is 14 years imprisonment,” Magistrate Graeme Tatnell said.

He told the teenager the penalties were high because people who accepted stolen goods created a market for theft.

Lack was fined $750 and a conviction was not recorded.

“I just want to make sure you’ve learned something from it Mr Lack and don’t fall into that trap again,” Mr Tatnell said.

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