Are 16-17-year-olds too young to start voting?

AS Labor plans to lower the voting age to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote, the majority of our Facebook community aren't supportive of the idea. 

One of our reader's has labelled the plans to lower the voting age as "stupidity" and there are concerns teenagers are too young to make political decisions. 


Raelene Cous: "So sad to see so many with such low opinions of our Youth."
"Our Current Government is making decisions that will dramatically impact the Youth of Today's future.
Majority of the young people I know are more politically engaged than many over 30's."

Matthew Simmons: "There is no way the average 16 yr old has enough life experience or maturity to vote on decisions that effect the country as a whole. The first party to promise to build a pokemon centre would get all the votes. This is a blatant scam to try and get numbers...... not informed votes. 16-year-old's should be focused on finishing school or gaining employment."

Vanessa Lazarus: "Way too young in my opinion. 18 is still too young. A lot of people don't quite understand properly and in my opinion they should boost the voting age up to 21."

Gane Susette My 16 yr old grandson received his enrolment form to vote from AEC...this he wouldn't need to worry when his 18??..I thought that was jumping the gun but reading this makes one wonder if it's a conclusion/agreed by our polices on both sides of the table..

Merle Groves Prior to giving the vote to 16 year olds, we need to teach social studies and modern history in our schools at all levels. How many young people have ever read our Constitution?

Craig Everett: "They need to get rid of forced voting."

Julie Edwards I think that majority of people on here commenting know nothing about politics and how it works. Look at all the d/hs that voted LNP to start with. And then cried over Abbott being booted from office. Kids learn in high school about politics. It is fresh in their minds.

Christine Hogan: "If they are old enough to vote then why aren't they considered old enough to drink and gamble???"

Warren Bates: "Hello SHORT CIRCUIT is getting desperate. Don't worry about them voting Billy, get them jobs."

Debbie Simpson: "What a load of crap. Most of that age I know have no idea at all. They would hear about some outrageous promise (that will never eventuate ) and that is who they will vote for. Just let them get an education first and maybe learn a little about politics first."

Susan Matthews: "They are getting desperate."

Vee Vee: "Now that's just stupid."

Ross Liesch: "Another one of Bill Shorten's "Lightbulb Moments"

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