MOTIVATED BY MOVIE: Arty Clifford is near the end of his first year of Law at Sunshine Coast University.
MOTIVATED BY MOVIE: Arty Clifford is near the end of his first year of Law at Sunshine Coast University. Contributed

Arty faces the world of law

AT THE age of eight, Maryborough's Arty Clifford realised his dream was to become a lawyer - and it was all thanks to a certain 2001 film.

If you recognise the phrase "Bend and snap” you'll know exactly which one - Legally Blonde.

"It was one of the last scenes when the witness was on the stand and the lawyer (Reese Witherspoon) made her crumble and all the story came out,” he said.

"That's essentially what made me want to become a lawyer.”

Now aged 17, Mr Clifford is about to complete the first year of his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Sunshine Coast.

But entering university wasn't a shock for his system because he had already completed one subject from his degree while still in school - thanks to USC's award-winning Headstart program.

The program enables students in Years 11 and 12 to earn credit towards their Queensland Certificate of Education and a USC degree at the same time.

After graduating from Aldridge State High School last year, Mr Clifford was keen to continue his journey.

"(Law) is a fascinating topic,” he said.

"When I was younger, my perspective (on life) was there was only good and bad but now I know there's a grey area with everything.

"It's intriguing and fascinating.”

Working part time at Repco as well as studying 10 hours a week on top of his five days of classes, Mr Clifford said he still managed to find time for a social life.

"Everything is balanced,” he said.

"In the first semester I found it easier but I've still managed to find time to hang out with my friends.”

Mr Clifford is living on campus on the Sunshine Coast and if all goes to plan, he will graduate in 2021.

As for the type of law he would like to work in, Mr Clifford has his sights set firmly on corporate law.

"(But) my grades in criminal law are better,” he said.

"I like corporate law because I like the idea of working for a big company.

Full details on the Headstart program will be available at a Meet USC event on the Fraser Coast campus on Tuesday, September 12 from 4pm.