Baby Banjo's tough time ends

IT HAS not been the easiest couple of months for Tracie Marjoram and John Morrison – but none of that matters now that their little boy, Banjo Campbell, has safely arrived.

John had spinal surgery six weeks ago after his lower back collapsed and he is only just recovering.

“It’s still pretty buggered,” John said.

Between his medical problems and Tracie’s pregnancy, there hasn’t been too much rest for the Urangan couple, but John couldn’t be more proud or more thankful for Tracie and the way she has handled it.

“She has done pretty well,” he said wryly.

The couple also have a three-year-old daughter named Mathilda and she is also over the moon with the arrival of her little brother, who was born on November 26.

“She loves him.

“She has been calling Banjo in mum’s belly for five months.

“She doesn’t understand why he can’t come home yet.

“She’s thrilled to be a big sister – she’s telling everyone about it.”

The two love traditional Australian names and had intended to call Mathilda Banjo if she had been a boy.

“I don’t know what we would have done if this one had been a girl,” John said.

The couple has had plenty of visitors over the past few days.

Both Tracie and John work for the Fraser Coast Regional Council and plenty of workmates have stopped by with well-wishes.

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