A MARYBOROUGH mum gave birth as her partner careered around a roundabout in a mad dash to hospital, as their little girl made a surprisingly speedy entrance to the world.

Maryborough couple Steven Nunan and Melanie Hansen had been through the birthing process twice before and thought they were prepared for the arrival of their third child, due on Tuesday.

And Melanie's labour normally lasted a couple of days.

"We phoned the hospital on Saturday night to say Mel was in labour," Steven said.

"They said not to come down until things progressed a bit more."

By Sunday evening, they knew it was time to go to hospital but on the way to Hervey Bay, Melanie realised her labour was progressing much faster than expected.

Once they reached Mango Bend, the baby was well on the way.

"Pull over! You've got to pull over!" Melanie screamed as Steve drove through the night.

"We can't! Hold on, we're nearly there," he told her.

"The louder Mel screamed, the faster I drove," said Steve.

According to Mel, he was "white as a ghost".

But as Steven veered around the roundabout at the hospital entrance, their baby girl came into the world.

Melanie said she had to hold herself at a strange angle to ensure she didn't sit on the baby, a healthy 3210g beauty they named Hope.

Steven said he screeched to a stop and jumped out of the car in the ambulance bay like a madman.

"Help me - my wife's just had a baby!" he told medical staff.

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