Babysitter burnt boy as punishment

A BABYSITTER burnt a six-year-old boy with a hot knife and matches because the same was done to her as a child, a court has heard.

Muno Ahmed Adan, 21, was jailed for four years when she faced Brisbane District Court on Thursday charged with burning the boy's face, back and hands for being naughty, not doing his homework or for wetting his bed while he was in her care at Inala, west of Brisbane, in 2010.

She also taped the boy's mouth, tied him up with rope and locked him in a garden shed.

A jury on Wednesday found her guilty of torture, assault and depriving the boy of his liberty after an eight-day trial.

The boy was treated for injuries to his back, face, arms and genitals at the Royal Children's Hospital.

Defence barrister Debra Wardle said her client was treated similarly by her grandmother when she was aged four to six and she still had scars to her chest, stomach and back from knives.

She said her father had pulled her out of school in Year 9 so she would be domesticated and not westernised.

Ms Wardle said her client was not familiar with Australian culture and what formed acceptable punishment.

Crown prosecutor Dennis Kinsella said the actions had "a sadistic disciplinary flavour to it" and it was fortunate the boy did not have any permanent scarring.

He said it was disturbing Adan derived "some form of amusement" from locking the boy in the shed.

Mr Kinsella said Adan was Somalian while the boy came from a Sudanese background.

He said the boy's father, when asked about any cultural relevance for Adan's action, told him hot knives was used during a male ritual within his tribe but not for discipline.

Mr Kinsella said the Sudanese culture did tolerate more corporal punishment in parenting than in Australia but usually the women disapproved.

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