Jenny Ballon, who was attacked by a cow on her property.
Jenny Ballon, who was attacked by a cow on her property. Anton Rose

'Bastard' bullock sold for $2k after almost killing owner

SINCE sustaining life-threatening injuries thanks to a run-in with a bullock on her property, the only thing Jenny Ballon has been grabbing by the horns is life.

"When I first saw him coming I thought it wasn't going to be good," she said.

"And it wasn't."

The attack by the rogue beast left her with six broken ribs, a cracked sternum, punctured lungs and bleeding into her lungs.

Time was running out to save her and Ms Ballon was eventually transported to Dalby Hospital from her rural property but needed to be flown to Brisbane for emergency treatment.

The arrival of doctors from the LifeFlight Toowoomba team, her husband said, was like the parting of the Red Sea.

 Ms Ballon yesterday was reunited with and thanked those same crew members who saved her life.

The suspect, however, who Ms Ballon named "the bastard", remained on the run at her property after the incident before finally get what was coming to him.

"He got too big to make good steaks," Ms Ballon said.

"The perpetrator has been sold in the last few months because he tried to have another go at me but he was on the other side of the gate this time.

"I was happy to get rid of him for $2000 and I said to people 'when you're eating your Maccas burger keep the lid on in case he bounces off'."