Beauty blogger’s horribly racist product review

A POPULAR beauty blogger and model has come under fire for using a racist slur in a recent post.

In a review of a Korean cosmetics line, Swiss blogger and YouTuber 'Cocomadkilla' referred to people of Asian decent as "Ching Chongs".

"As you may have noticed, you discover a lot of funny stuff in the east," she began, which is already pretty eyebrow-raising.

"Many of us don't understand the 'Ching Chongs' with the black hair and the funny clothes."

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Cocomadkilla has since deleted the offensive post but the internet hasn't forgotten and people are furious.

"I keep trying to form some coherent retort but the level of racist idiocy displayed has made me speechless," wrote one person in a discussion about the post on Reddit.

"It's like we've taken a time machine and went back a few decades. Seriously?!" wrote another.

Following the backlash, Cocomadkilla issued an apology on social media, writing that the whole thing was a "joke".

"Recently things have been going crazy over a joke I made," she wrote.

"A joke without realising it would have such an impact and offend so many people. I would like to state that I never meant to offend anyone. I'm sorry if that was the case.

"I am of Italian descent and continuously make jokes about myself too."

Unsurprisingly, the "apology" has not gone down well either.

"What an idiot. And her 'apology' sucks. It checks all of the boxes of a non-apology: claims it was just a joke, says sorry if you were offended, insinuates she has Asian friends," wrote a commenter on Reddit.

Cocomadkilla has since gone underground. Her Instagram profile is now private and her Facebook and YouTube channel appear to have been deactivated.

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