Being a bikie does not lead to power, money and girls,

DISPELLING the romantic notion that joining an outlaw gang leads to "power, money and girls", remains the biggest challenge for a taskforce charged with bringing down organised crime, says NSW Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace.

Speaking at an event marking the five-year milestone for specialised squad Strike Force Raptor, the Commander of the NSW Gang Squad said young, vulnerable people were being lured by a "fallacy" and warned the path through Sydney's underworld only ever led to jail time or death.

Strike Force Raptor was formed in 2009 following the bloody, public murder of Hells Angels bikie Peter Zervas at Sydney's domestic airport.

Comanchero national president Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi is serving at least 21 years jail for the murder.

Since its inception, Raptor has netted 2500 accused outlaw criminals, $15 million worth of illicit drugs, 636 guns and $4 million in dirty money.

Dozens of bikie club houses have been raided and chapters dismantled and Det Supt Wallace expects more of the same.

"A lot of these OMCG groups claim to be one precentors... they believe this gives them the right to live outside the law and abuse the standards that all of us have to live by," Det Supt Wallace said

"(Our) role is to bring the respect back to those groups so they once again abide by the law as we all have to."

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