The best white lies you have told your kids

Paul Williams: Told the kids that thunder is just the clouds farting, went from crying and screaming because of the storm to laughing at every clap of thunder

Jenna Luke Bate: That when Mr Whippy's got his music on he's letting the kids all know that his ran out of ice cream!!

Angela Hay: I told my boys the same! Backfired when one rang 000 to dob on him to the police for never having any ice cream! I copped a mouthful from the lady on the other end. Understandably though.. but that's what I get for lying! 

Jane Brummell: The dolphins will have no water to swim in if they leave the tap running.


Cathy Sladok: Told our daughter that kiwi fruit are eggs from a kiwi bird.. thought she was so smart till she told her friends. Everyone is still laughing about it today.. 

Sarah Nixon: My kids used to nag to stop in maccas or hjs every time we drove past so I told them Maccas ran out of food and hungry jacks was broken. Worked for almost a year.

Denise Hatch: That Santa/Easter Bunny is real.


Anne Pointon: Yep..most people forget that "whopper".. I told my kids the truth from the start and they thanked me when their friends were being heart-broken finding out the truth.  

Chris Bonner: My daughter didn't want to go to school, she said she was sick. Ok I told her she should take a pain killer but if she wasn't sick it would make her really sick and vomit. She got dressed in 5 minutes and was off to school.

Scott Wiemann: I didn't like telling my kids lies but my ex used to go to the extent of making rabbit footprints out of flour to show the Easter bunny has come.

Tracie Mitchell: Don't put your tooth under the pillow till Thursday night. The tooth doesn't get paid till Thursday.

Monique Worland: That the reason the tooth fairy didn't visit is because she got called out on an emergency when I've forgotten to put the money in oops! ( bad mummy)


Toni Fifimeow Bilson: "Nope... I have NO CLUE what happened to the rest of the lollies/chips/snacks"

Jessica Kate: Werewolves are real...

Jennie Bos I had the kids convinced for years that if the seatbelts were not done up the car could not start.

Ella Lee Wrigley: That the tooth fairy only pays a decent amount of money if their teeth are cleaned properly! Surely makes them brush their teeth regularly.



Robyn Gross:

Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy lol the usual suspects.

Morgan Gannon: That there is a fairy called the lie fairy and if you tell a lie she will take a toy away while you sleep. My sons has figured out she's not real now but worked wonders when he was little.

Robyn Salt: That the bus for naughty children always comes around on Tuesday. Such good kids.  


Anne Pointon Didn't want my son stealing hubby's artichhoke hearts.. so we told him artichokes are cute little furry animals.

Natasha Head: That the lights flashing on the rides at the shops means they are broken.

Karla Hetherington: I told my kids that brown cows give chocolate milk and cows feedstrawberries make strawberry milk and ones feed banana make banana milk on the flavoured milk farm.


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