Big Brother Australia executive producer Alex Mavroidakis.
Big Brother Australia executive producer Alex Mavroidakis. Channel 9/WIN

Big Brother boss on the search for Queensland talent

BIG Brother boss Alex Mavroidakis hopes to find the show's next winner in Brisbane this weekend.

Auditions will be held tomorrow and Sunday for Channel 9's reality show which sees several dozen strangers, or housemates, thrown together in the isolation of the Big Brother house at Dream World on the Gold Coast.

"We always get a great people from Queensland," Mavroidakis told APN.

"There's never been a series without a Queenslander, but we've never had a winner from Queensland. I'm completely biased and I want there to be a winner from Queensland."

While he didn't win last year's series, Brisbane's Ben Zabel is now reviewing movies for Nine's Morning Show.

Last year's winner and runner up Tim Dormer and Tahan Lew-Fatt are also presenting segments for Nine's Today and Getaway shows.

"Ben's a terrific example of someone who turned up and just captivated the room," Mavroidakis said.

 "Just take a couple of hours out and come down to the Pullman Hotel and it could change your entire life."

Mavroidakis, who has flown straight to Brisbane from the Perth auditions, said the show's new "nominate a mate" campaign has been going well.

"It is clearly working. People have been turning up in pairs, so they've obviously dobbed in their mates to step up to the stand this year," he said.

"So far we've got a nice diverse couple of people to choose from. We've got 20 really strong options from Perth."

He said he is searching for distinct, genuine personalities, rather than try hards looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

"I look at Big Brother like a dinner party. Putting together a really good dinner party you want a diverse range of people around the table," he said.

"There's no template to follow. It's a cliché but just be yourself.

 "The show can be a launch pad for something you've always wished for in your life, but I don't want people to see Big Brother as an audition for super stardom."

He disputed rumours that this year's house will be two storeys.

"Big Brother said he's building out as well as up. He's very cryptic man, so I wouldn't take it too literally," he said.

"What we can promise is intrigue and as always there will be twists and turns. Expect the unexpected."

Big Brother auditions will be held at the Pullman Hotel in Brisbane's King George Square tomorrow and Sunday. Registration is open from 8am to 4pm.

For more details go to the Big Brother website.

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