Big catch: Kids enjoy fishing comp too

ISN'T it always the way? School holidays roll around and Mother Nature throws us north-westerly 25 - 30knot winds.

Well, challenge accepted Fraser Coast, with three fishing comps on over last weekend it just proves how amazing our local waterways are with plenty of fish caught but most of all lots of fun was had too.

Let's check out this week's report.

Our major comp of the year was held last weekend on the 23rd and 24th down at the Boonooroo Bowls Club.

It's the biggest fund-raising event of the year for the Sandy Straits Coast Guard.

Most anglers have a spot or two up their sleeves that's accessible in even the most treacherous of conditions and luckily our area is so diverse most were able to pick and choose what type of fish they wanted to catch.

Most popular at the weigh-in were bream, whiting and flathead - three species we classify as bread-and-butter fish.

Sand flats, shallow drains and low tide channels are best for flathead and whiting, where bream tend to hang around structures and pylons.

So, best spots to try are Tuan and Maaroom boat ramps, plus up the creeks, or out on the flats at low tide, or boat it up to Turkey Straits or down towards Tinnanbar.

We had a few grunter and threadfin weighed-in, nothing massive.

Biggest threadfin was around 90cm long.

Coming into our summer months things will only get better for them.

Collecting fresh bait is always the key while targeting these fish.

We had record entry tickets sold which is fantastic out of the 160 odd junior tickets over half weigh-in fish - that's what it's all about, getting the kids into fishing, out enjoying their school holidays.

Let's check out this week's kids' brag section.

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