Bike rider was a mess

IT WAS late at night when a drunken Tony Bret Shields tentatively mounted his pushbike outside the Torquay Hotel.

He gingerly tried to pedal away, but only got 10m before he swerved off the footpath and crashed his bike onto the road in front of a car.

Police watched in horror as Shields lay in the middle of the road with the bike on top of him and all his belongings strewn around.

They rushed over and tried to lead him away from the path of oncoming traffic.

But Shields was so drunk he could barely stand up.

"He was grossly intoxicated," said police prosecutor Senior Constable Nicole Kunkel.

"He could barely speak and only mumbled."

Police breath-tested Shields and found his alcohol level was 0.268%.

He became aggressive and swore at the officers when they tried to arrest him for drunken bike riding.

Police tried to grab hold of his hand and he swung a punch at the officers.

As a result, Shields was charged with obstructing police, committing public nuisance and riding a bike under the influence.

In court, Hervey Bay Magistrate Graeme Tatnell told Shields he drank far too much.

"You're going to kill yourself," he said.

"You wouldn't have a clue what you're doing at that concentration of alcohol."

Mr Tatnell fined Shields $750 for all of the offences.

Meanwhile, a learner driver found drunkenly riding his bike has been told to get off the grog before getting his licence.

Matthew Jeramiah Hegge, 19, was also outside the Torquay Hotel when police first noticed his drunken behaviour.

He appeared extremely unsteady on his feet and was holding onto a pushbike where he stood.

The officers warned Hegge that riding a bicycle while drunk was an offence and he agreed to walk the bike home.

But 15 minutes later the same officers were patrolling the Esplanade when they witnessed the teenager trying to manoeuvre the bike at Scarness.

They breath tested him and his reading was .172%.

Hegge faced Hervey Bay Magistrates Court, where he was fined $250 for the offence.

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