Binoculars and batteries stolen from forestry fire tower


Enter with Intent  

OFFENDERS have stolen a pair of binoculars and nine-volt batteries from the forest's fire tower.

Between 6am on April 20 and 9am on April 21 offenders entered the tower through a trap door, which was left locked.

Offenders broke both hinges off the door before stealing the items.

Police do not have any suspects or descriptions.



BETWEEN 7 and 9.30pm on April 18 an unknown offender has approached a home on Dugong Ave by climbing over the side fence.

The offender has gained entry by removing a flyscreen and entering via a partially open window.

A mobile phone, cash and a wallet were stolen.

Police do not have any suspects or descriptions.


Enter with intent

OFFENDERS have tried to gain entry into an office on Ansons Rd through a side door by smashing the glass panel on the door- but were unsuccessful.

The offenders have also tried to gain entry to another door by kicking in the security screen, which caused damage to the door's lock.

The incident happened on between April 18 at midnight and April 19 at 8am.

The offenders were unable to gain entry.

Police do not have any suspects or descriptions.



AN OFFENDER has rummaged through cupboards and drawers at a home in Shoreham St.

Between 3.30pm on April 15 and 3.55pm on April 20 the offender jemmied open the side sliding door.

The offender then went through cupboards throughout the home, pulling out property.

They have pulled furniture over in the main bed-room and left drawers out in a guest bedroom.

There are no suspects or descriptions.



A JEWELLERY box was stolen from a bedroom at a home on the Esplanade in Point Vernon.

Between noon on April 15 and 7pm on April 21 offenders have entered the home and stolen the item.

There are no suspects or descriptions.


Burglary with Breaking  

OWNERS were inside a home at Sovereign Ct on the night of April 21 when thieves gained entry via a rear screen door.

They rummaged through the master bedroom and stole money, jewellery and a wallet.

Police believe it was a sneak offence.

No suspects or descriptions.


Steal from Vehicle  

BETWEEN 5.30pm on April 15 and 8.30am on April 16 an offender entered a carport which is about 70 metres from the road.

The offender has entered the property and removed the tow bar from a Ford Territory which included a safety pin and shackle.

The offender then left the property.

No suspects or descriptions are available.


Break and Enter, Stealing and Wilful Damage  

BETWEEN 5pm on April 17 and 2.38am on April 18 offenders have driven to a business on Islander Rd and parked an eight-tonne truck outside the property.

The offenders have used an unknown implement to cut a section of the wire netting fence, allowing entry into the secured front yard area.

An offender has approached a 429 Rampage tinny which was parked near the 6ft high wire fence.

The offender broke the padlock securing a stainless steel security bar which was used to anchor the outboard engine to the rear of the vessel.

The offender has lifted a Yamaha 30HP outboard engine off the rear of the vessel and walked back towards the point of entry into the yard.

There are no suspects or descriptions available at this stage.

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