Walkerston BMX club members are
Walkerston BMX club members are "heartbroken" after vandals damaged the track at the weekend. Contributed Contributed

Damage bill from BMX track vandals to cost thousands

WALKERSTON BMX track has been vandalised at a cost of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of volunteers' time.

Club member Robert Scriha said vandals had damaged the track about two to three times every year for the past nine years he had been involved in the club.

Yet the damage inflicted at the weekend was the worst he's ever seen.

"Someone's decided to cut loose on the track with a car and a four-wheel drive - there seems to be two different sets of tracks - and torn it up," Mr Scriha said.

The club would need to purchase between $1000 and $1500 worth of soil to repair the track, as well as spend money hiring the necessary equipment, he said.

"It is really heartbreaking when you see the amount of work that a few of our volunteers put in, to see it destroyed by vandals."

The Walkerston BMX club volunteers plan to hold a working bee on Saturday, from 8am to 2pm, to fix the damage.

Police are investigating and Mr Scriha said he hoped the offenders were made to realise the impact of their actions.

"I would love to see them be made to come down to repair the track," he said.

The track is often the target of vandals and Mr Scriha said "just about every time it rains" children ride bikes there.

"That doesn't sound very bad but... you need to spend hours down there trying to get it into a rideable situation again."

Vandals didn't realise how important the track was for Mackay region BMX riders.

"We've got members who are trying to go to the Olympics. They're going to world titles in a couple of weeks time and they're vying for reserve positions at the Olympics," he said.

"You need to provide a good quality track that meets the Australian standard."

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