Two men swim ashore as boat sinks

TWO MEN were forced to swim to shore when their boat struck an unknown object and began to sink off Fraser Island.

The 28-year-old skipper and another man were found by rescue crews almost four hours after they got into strife on Friday afternoon and about 15 nautical miles north of the location they gave to police.

The men were aboard an unnamed 17-foot runabout when it struck a submerged object and began taking on water just after 5pm on Friday.

Police received a Triple-0 call from the crew, who reported that their vessel was sinking about two kilometres off Moon Point on the western side of Fraser Island.

The men said they had discharged two flares and were preparing to abandon the runabout.

A concerned family member of one of the crew also contacted police when the boat failed to return to shore about 7.30pm.

Hervey Bay water police and Volunteer Marine Rescue set out from Urangan to search for the men after receiving the mayday call.

Acting on information received from another vessel, they eventually found the two men safe on dry land about 8.50pm.

They were found with the overturned runabout that had washed ashore near Triangle Cliff, north of Moon Point.

The men were not injured.

It is understood the skipper was yesterday trying to salvage the damaged runabout, which remained on the island.

Hervey Bay water police say they are now reminding boaties of the importance of having sufficient navigational equipment and positioning beacons.

They want to ensure skippers are aware of their correct location at all times.

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