Man jailed after bomb threat

A MAN who called triple-0 and threatened to kill the communications operator and blow up the Maryborough Police Station had his bail revoked when he appeared in court this week.

Jacob Christopher Burrell, 24, made threatening calls to the emergency service after he discovered his dog had been capsicum-sprayed by police during a drug raid.

He appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court where Magistrate John Smith said there was an unacceptable risk of Burrell re-offending if his bail remained in place.

Police searched Burrell's home for drugs on October 22.

Burrell was out at the time but police entered the property anyway and the officers were attacked by Burrell's dog.

They used capsicum spray to subdue the animal.

Several cannabis seeds were allegedly found during the search.

Defence solicitor Travis George said Burrell returned home to discover his “distressed” dog and called triple-0 to demand an explanation for the dog's condition.

“He was having a very bad day,” Mr George said.

“The threat was simply him saying: ‘I will blow it up'.”

Prosecutor Sergeant Michael Quirk objected to Burrell's bail because of the seriousness of the offence and his extensive criminal history.

“It's a very serious threat to blow up a police station and to threaten a person who has simply answered the phone,” he said.

“And the dog had attacked three officers before it was sprayed – they didn't just go in there and spray it for no reason.”

Magistrate John Smith revoked the bail previously issued by the police.

Mr Smith adjourned the case to November 23 and Burrell was taken into custody.

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