Get an extra bingo car with today's paper.
Get an extra bingo car with today's paper.

Bonus Bill Busters Bingo card with today's paper!

IF YOU'RE wondering what those random cries of 'bingo!' have been around the city of late, then brace yourself - you too could be a winner with our latest promotion.

Last week we kicked off Bill Busters Bingo, where we're giving away $64,000 worth of fuel, grocery and travel vouchers and loaded visa cards!

Inside today's paper is a bonus bingo card, so if you haven't been playing with us the past week, there's no time like the present to join in the fun.

Here are the two ways you can win:

1. Every week, we're going to give away one $1000 voucher to a lucky winner across the regional network. To enter this competition, all you have to do is head HERE and enter your details. Simple. Last week we gave away a $1000 fuel voucher and this week a $1000 Visa Debit card is up for grabs. The following week you could win a $1000 travel voucher, and in the final week of the promotion we're giving away a $1000 grocery voucher. To be in the running for all three remaining major prizes, you only need to enter online once. If you already entered last week, you're still in the draw!

2. Now for the fun part. Play bingo for your chance to take home one of the 20 $50 vouchers we're giving away in the region each week. Here's how to play: grab the bonus bingo card inside today's paper. Within the pages of the paper, find today's bingo numbers and mark them off in WEEK TWO on the card. We'll publish a new set of numbers every day with a new week's game starting every Saturday. If you get bingo in the week two box between now and Friday, you've won! Bring your winning card into our office to claim your $50 visa card. From Saturday, a new game will start and you'll begin week three where 20 $50 travel vouchers are up for grabs and then week four the following Saturday with 20 $50 grocery vouchers available to win.

Winners of the major $1000 vouchers will be drawn every Wednesday at 11am, so get your names in early. For more information on our Bill Busters Bingo promotion and how you can be a winner, head HERE

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