Book review: Dead Ever After

BOOK: Dead Ever After
AUTHOR: Charlaine Harris
PUBLISHER: Gollancz, Hachette Aust
RRP: $29.99

IT took 12 years and 13 novels but Sookie Stackhouse, the star of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, has finally had her day.

If you have never heard of the series, you may have heard of the popular TV show True Blood, which is based on the books (but is very, very different)

While there is a fair bit happening in the final book Dead Ever After, including Sookie getting arrested for murder and all her friends turning up to help, I can't help but feel it was mostly about tying up loose ends, and quite quickly at that.

Every secondary character has a mention at least, but basically the novel is trying to figure out which gorgeous bloke Sookie will end up with.

Will it be her current husband, the vampire Eric? Or her former vampire boyfriend Bill, or even her co-owner of Merlotte's, Sam?

Maybe it will be the werewolf Alcide or the weretiger Quinn who randomly turns up out of nowhere?

While I am happy with who Sookie ended up with, I just wish there was a bit more of a love showdown.

The villains also disappointed me. They were pretty obvious to work out (except for one shock) and not incredibly interesting.

The last book will leave you fairly satisfied overall, but still a bit deflated.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries have always been about Sookie's journey towards self-acceptance and a sense of belonging in her home town Bon Temps.

And that I guess, Charlaine Harris does accomplish.

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